Hello, This was working until recently but since about 21st July my Smart Hub 2 fails when updating DNS-O-Matic. I've tried deleting and re-adding the hosts and I've double checked my settings too. I can update the service using a software solution but that's far from ideal - I just wanted to

6 Best VPNs for BT Broadband in 2020 for Speed, Privacy 2019-6-8 · How to use a VPN with BT Broadband. The process for setting up a VPN to work with BT Broadband is the same as with any other ISP. Indeed, all you need is an internet-connected device that is compatible with the VPN in question. All of the best VPNs for BT Broadband offer apps for desktop and mobile at the very minimum. BT dns ? - Plusnet Community Any more thoughts as to why I may still be getting the BT dns Plusnet, the reasons explained above are not stacking up. Tried changing ip last night, but still the same. Message 10 of 31 BT Broadband IP Products - ETSI

2020-1-1 · Value for money? BT's current "big push" is offering value-add services, such as online security, the BT Home Hub and the BT Vision TV service, showing that BT offers better value for money than the slightly lower-priced Broadband Advice offerings from the likes of TalkTalk and Sky.. Here are their key selling points: BT Home Hub: This is key to BT's current broadband offering, as it provides

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The DNS servers in the HH4 are most likely the BT DNS servers, i know in the 5 you cant change DNS but not sure about the 4, someone on here will have a better answer for that Using BT instead of Plusnet DNS shouldnt cause any issues but for troubleshooting i would go back to the TG582n(technicolour) and see what speeds you get there

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