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Hi all, Are all of you finding slow speeds when using newsleecher, with a usenet server through sky? I am on the connect service (up to 8mb) I am getting between 4.5 - 6.5mb when running tests but whilst using newsleecher the max speed I am getting is 60K but most of the time it is more like 40k. 80% Off Newshosting Discount Code July 2020 - Coupon Code Jul 03, 2020 Fun Problem :) How to max-out my new Gigabit Internet Aug 24, 2015 2020 Newshosting Expert & User Reviews Newshosting Speed Test. In the tests I consistently obtained an Internet connection’s maximum download speed, namely 200 mbit/s. In everyday practice this means that you will practically always be able to utilize the full potential of your Internet connection when using Newshosting. The servers and connection speeds are very rapid.

Jan 17, 2017

Newshosting - Usenet Speed Record - YouTube slow speeds? : usenet

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