How to Set Up OpenVPN on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian/RaspBMC) Read me first: How to use CyberGhost on a Router, Raspberry Pi, Synology NAS, Sat-Receiver; Router: How to Set Up OpenVPN on DD-WRT Routers; How to install the CyberGhostVPN CLI App on Linux ; How to share a VPN …

Pi-Hole + Unbound + WireGuard VPN gateway – mgnk This post is about combing the previous post of creating a Wireguard VPN gateway for your network on a Raspeberry Pi, with a Pi-hole using Unbound on the very same Raspberry Pi (or any device or VM of your choosing). Why use Pi-hole and Unbound is well explained here.Using VPN you add another layer of security so your local provider, your government or any third party cannot mess with your DNS Setup VPN Server with Ad-Blocker using Raspberry Pi May 24, 2019 Turn A Raspberry Pi Into A VPN To Access Your Network From Apr 04, 2018

The Simplest VPN installer, designed for Raspberry Pi - pivpn/pivpn

May 24, 2019 Turn A Raspberry Pi Into A VPN To Access Your Network From Apr 04, 2018

The Raspberry Pi Zero is capable of handling your VPN needs unless you really think you will find yourself in a situation where the slowest upload/download speed involved in the connection exceeds 100Mbps. Avoid the dubious USB to Ethernet adapters as they can harm your board network performance. Here is one I use (connected via micro USB to USB-A)

After choosing your user (the default Pi user is fine, unless you have another you wish to use), PiVPN will ask whether you want to use WireGuard, a new VPN protocol, or OpenVPN. GitHub - pivpn/pivpn: The Simplest VPN installer, designed Is down? About. Visit the PiVPN site for more information. This is a set of shell scripts initially developed by @0-kaladin that serve to easily turn your Raspberry Pi (TM) into a VPN server using two free, open-source protocols:. WireGuard; OpenVPN; Have you been looking for a good guide or tutorial for setting up a VPN server on a Raspberry Pi or Ubuntu based server? How to use your Raspberry Pi as a VPN server |