Sep 18, 2012 · Monitor Name: CAS-RPC State: UNKNOWN Probes: 0 Failed [Total: 0 Current: 0] Last response: Domain name not resolved. 2)* State: DOWN Server Name: cas2 Server ID: "None" Weight: 1 and the monitor points to the RPC endpoint mapper: TCP 135

Solved: Onboard Android - Unable to Resolve Hostname Resolved my issue and learned two things in the process: It is possible to tell the Android Onboarding client which address to use for onboarding. Go to: Onboard + Workspace > Deployment and Provisioining > Provisioning Settings Edit your provisioning settings. Click the Onboard Client button. HELP!! Unable to resolve server address: The re |VMware Feb 25, 2015 Machine name could not be resolved to an ip addres

The name cannot be resolved. The name cannot be matched to

Mar 01, 2014

dns - Hostname cannot be resolved to IP address - Stack

Mailbox names cannot be resolved on Exchange 2013 and I did not expect that. I entered the IP address of the Exchange sever, and now my Exchange server name and user account name resolves. Why did that work? There is an entry for EXCH01 on my DC and in DNS. It should have resolved the name just fine. By the way, the Exchange server is the CAS server.