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Keep getting disconnected | AT&T Community Forums Feb 26, 2019 Linksys E2500 Router keeps disconnecting - Linksys Community My internet was disconnecting sporadically. After connecting the new router, a started getting the same issue. I replaced my internet cable modem to a Cisco 2100 modem (provided by Time Warner). I noticed that the issue keeps happening sporadically which makes me believe it is my Linksys router. Connection keeps timing out [Solved] - CCM Jul 05, 2020 My computer keeps disconnecting when I am on the internet

Keep getting disconnected | AT&T Community Forums

Guide to Fix Time Warner Cable WiFi Internet Not Working Apr 23, 2018 Wireless router disconnects from the timewarner ca Dec 31, 2007

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Jul 03, 2020 Why is the Internet continuously connecting and disconnecting? Tip. If you have another computer, smartphone, or tablet that uses the same Internet connection, use it to test if there's a connection or computer issue. If all devices on your network have the same problem, that indicates an issue with the cable or DSL modem, network router, or ISP.If only one computer is disconnecting and reconnecting, it's likely a problem with the computer. Wireless Tips – Does Your Wireless Router Keep Click on the Hardware tab and then click on Device Manager. You’ll see a list of devices with plus signs to the left of them. Click on the one called “ Network Adapters ” and there will be an entry for your wireless card as shown below: Now download that driver from the list off the manufacturers web site.